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Christopher John Rogers Doesn’t Mind a Little Stalking

A quick scroll through Christopher John Rogers’s Instagram reveals the likes of Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Madonna, Keke Palmer, Anne Hathaway, and Sarah Jessica Parker decked out in the designer’s signature colorblock garments. Rogers, who has become one of the industry’s most celebrated names in recent years, infuses playfulness and movement into every look—essential facets of what he’s termed “pragmatic glamor.” He took a moment to tell CULTURED about his latest Google searches (Lady Gaga, muppets), the icon in his DMs (Gwyneth), and how to land a coveted CJR internship (stalking).

CULTURED: Describe your fans/followers in three words. 

Christopher Jogn Rogers: Allegiant, idiosyncratic, good-humored. 

CULTURED: Where do you take your best selfies? 

Rogers: The bathroom in my apartment with only half of the lights on—love a little chiaroscuro

CULTURED: What do you post? 

ROGERS: New collections, celebrity moments, images of our dedicated CJR squirrels wearing pieces purchased with their hard-earned funds, archival art and interior references, garbage/carry-out bags, spilt drinks. Anything I find inspiring, really.  

CULTURED: What’s the most recent internet rabbit hole you’ve fallen into? 

Rogers: Watching old commercials from the early ‘90s for weird ass products lol.

CULTURED: Explain. 

Rogers: Cake molds, candy-making machines for kids, old Barbie commercials, etc. The Betty Crocker Bake n’ Fill is insane. 

CULTURED: Incredible. What’s the color palette for spring

Rogers: A heavy focus on neutrals (Macadamia white and black) punctuated with reliable, important colors (seaweed green and crawfish red). OBVIOUSLY with some graphic prints thrown in for good measure.😛 

CULTURED: Never not!!! What were your last three google searches?

Rogers: “Lady Gaga RuPaul Muppets.” “Chloe Sevigny ‘90s Red Carpet.” “Charles James Garment Interiors.” I mean, essential viewing. 

CULTURED: What’s the craziest DM you’ve ever received? 

Rogers: Hmmm, probably someone applying for an internship by sending a photo of me walking down the street or grabbing coffee or something. I screamed.😵‍💫 

CULTURED: Nooooooh. You’ve got to set yourself apart. 

Rogers: You know what, you’re right. 

CULTURED: Craziest DM you’ve ever sent? 

Rogers: LMAO


Rogers: I’m asking my brand director if I can say this—please hold.😎  

CULTURED: Holding.

Rogers: I DMed Gwyneth [Paltrow] a few weeks ago after she liked one of my photos and asked her to grab a drink when she comes into town next LOL and she responded. I screamed once again. 

CULTURED: Thanks to your brand director for approving. 

Rogers: Big ups to Christina.

CULTURED: What’s your preferred stalking platform? 

Rogers: Instagram honestly. You get pics but also words? Gorge. Or Google, if they’re major. *giggle*

CULTURED: Who do you follow for inspo? Hate scrolling? 

Rogers: I don’t really hate scroll but I love to follow Kelly Wearstler, Rutger De Vries, Tomoya Sakai, Lauren Mabry, @da__h_, Studio.gdb.

CULTURED: Favorite follow from the Bravo cinematic universe?

Rogers: NeNe Leakes is the reason for the season, and the only diva who really matters imho. 

CULTURED: What’s your internet guilty pleasure? 

Rogers: Any video on YouTube with Thorgy Thor giving her opinion on something. I could listen to her for hours. Confused as to why she hasn’t hosted The Pit Stop yet. 

CULTURED: You’re manifesting it. Describe your online persona in one sentence.

Rogers: “Constantly hoping to stumble upon the next fab thing.” 


Rogers: “Fab” and “hilarious” are interchangeable.