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Art Collector Kenneth Montague on the Joys of Collecting Emerging Artists

Dr. Kenneth Montague—a Toronto-based dentist, art collector, and the founding director of nonprofit arts organization Wedge Curatorial Projects—has a deep connection and investment in African, Canadian, and diasporic art. He mans The Wedge Collection, one of Canada’s largest, privately owned contemporary art collections focused on Black culture. As he and his family prepare to move into their new home this fall, Montague shares the origins of his art world fascination and the works he’s excited to display.

By Dominique Clayton April 21, 2023
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Jewelry Designer Nina Runsdorf Buys What She Loves

Nina Runsdorf runs her eponymous jewelry line out of New York’s Upper East Side, selling bejeweled rings and emerald earrings to her eager clientele. But the designer’s interest in the arts blossomed outside Gotham. Runsdorf grew up on a farm upstate, amidst her parents’ crowd of artisans, painters, and craftsmen. This sensibility, paired with regular trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, fostered an enduring appreciation for art and collecting. These days, Runsdorf mixes heirlooms, pieces from personal friends, and items she snagged off the market on her walls and side tables. Here, she tells CULTURED how it all came together.

By Cultured Magazine April 14, 2023
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