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Cultured Collections with Charles Zana

In Paris, architect and designer Charles Zana's collection of art objects is bold but never ostentatious. A reputed collector of ceramics and totems by Ettore Sottsass, some of which have been lent to the current exhibit at the Centre Pompidou, Zana is branching out this fall with a furniture and lighting collection of his own design. Unveiling exclusively here and during FIAC in Paris on October 20, over 60 furniture and lighting pieces make it up and the new Charles Zana Mobilier will launch officially next January.

By Elizabeth Fazzare October 15, 2021
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Cultured Collections with Mohammed Afkhami

At home in Dubai, Iranian art collector Mohammed Afkhami curates a chronological journey of artworks through the midcentury to today.

By Elizabeth Fazzare September 24, 2021
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