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Tina Knowles Lawson Builds a Collection and a Foundation to Support Black Art

The 2001 Ace Award Winner might be best known in the public eye for her work in fashion, beauty, and entertainment, but over the course of her life Tina Knowles Lawson has also become an ambitious art collector and philanthropist. In 2017, she and husband Richard Lawson established Where Art Can Occur (WACO) Theater Center, an artist empowerment organization dedicated to creating opportunities for young people “beyond their zip code.” Ahead of the group’s 2022 Wearable Art Gala and five-year anniversary celebration this weekend, Beyoncé and Solange’s mom invites Cultured into her own collection.

By Dominique Clayton October 21, 2022
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Fourth-Generation Parisian Antique Dealer Patrick Perrin Amasses Pieces Based on Intrinsic Beauty and History

Not only does Patrick Perrin hail from a long line of antique dealers, he is also continuing the family tradition as the CEO of the celebrated PAD fairs, whose London edition just kicked off this week. These markets, coupled with his art-centric heritage, have seen the businessman amass his very own collection of diverse and highly personal works for his homes in Paris, Comporta, and Saint-Léger in the Forest of Rambouillet in France. “My collections are very eclectic, with pieces that are very different from one another,” says Perrin. “For me, combining genres from different periods is essential, and I never buy a piece to fit a particular spot or wall in the house. I buy pieces for their intrinsic beauty, craftsmanship, and history.”

By Sarah Powless October 14, 2022
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