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Woven’s Streamlined Linea Collection Packs a Punch of Minimalist Sophistication

All images courtesy of Woven.

Anyone who has spent time in an inviting space knows that a rug can tie it all together. Woven, a specialist gallery with locations in Hollywood, New York, and London, asserts that the rug is also what fundamentally shapes a room. 

The purveyor’s new Linea collection subtly transforms its surroundings with bold yet minimal designs made only more apparent and luxurious in high pile. The three-piece series dedicated to strong lines and organic tones was born out of a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing comfort and style. “By combining eucalyptus silk with natural wool, we are able to achieve an extremely plush and soft weave that feels amazing underfoot,” says Danielle Barr, the company’s president and creative director.


These natural fibers are what allow the series to retain, Barr notes, its “at once graphic and yet elegant” look. Shot in the home of interior designer Cliff Fong, the Linea collection both grounds and adds dimension to the varied spaces, cohering rooms that are full of textures, books, and eye-catching art. “The rugs added the perfect layer of warmth to his space and a dose of masculinity that made sense in his home,” says Barr. 

The Figuro’s Mondrian-esque linework pops against Fong’s bookshelves in a rich espresso, creating visual interest from the ground up. Materia’s understated checkerboard pattern adds playful depth to a wood-forward dining room. And the Tela’s raised triple-line design lends a sumptuous yet structured feel in rich cognac and creamy ivory; the latter version lights up Fong’s cave-like reading nook. 

“The earthen color palette makes these rugs so easy to work with and adds a richness to a room,” Barr explains. A greige Figuro rug plays up Fong’s graphic artwork, while the Tela in light gray brightens a seating area from below. With its minimalist approach, Linea has managed to create a sophisticated and versatile collection with just a few carefully designed pieces.