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Maresz Offers Lo-Fi Inspo to the High Fashion Girls

Maresz has that Patti Smith kind of aesthetic. Maybe it’s her shaggy, dark hair coupled with the lo-fi photos littered across her trail on social media, but she’s got that effortless cool-girl look you might bookmark but are too timid to actually go back to for that haircut or that makeup trend.

The Paris and New York-based musician and model—though she’s a bit of a vagabond traveling between cities like Stockholm, Milan, and more—may only have two singles out at the moment, but both hard techno tracks “Cosmopolitan” and “Lagum” transport the listener like nothing else. A bit of a jack of all trades, Maresz—whose given name is Maresh Miciula—illustrates, takes photographs, models, makes jewelry, and does much, much more.

All clothing and accessories Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022
Makeup by Cyril Lane
Hair by Kevin Roux
Nails by Sally Derbali
Casting by Nicola Kast
Produced by Farago Projects
Photo assistant: Anja Graber