Art Collector Questionnaire

Print Center's Executive Director on the Secret To Collecting For New York-Sized Apartments

Portrait of Judy Hecker with Glendalys Medina, BrownPinkTaínoBlackGold, 2018. All photography by Argenis Apolinario and courtesy of Hecker.

As the Executive Director of Print Center New York and a former MoMA curator, one might assume that Judy Hecker’s home art collection would be an enviable mix of rising artists and rare finds—well, it is. Her New York abode is filled with works by the likes of Pat Steir, Glendalys Medina, William Kentridge, and more. Working at the Print Center does give her a “home field advantage,” as the collector puts it, but her eclectic array is also the result of years of accumulation and interest, kicked off by her parents, who took a modest budget and put it toward hanging pieces that Hecker confesses “confounded our suburban neighbors.” Here, the art-world insider shares how she continued in their risktaking legacy.

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