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New York Was Under Smoky Siege the Past Few Days. These Photographers Documented It.

Photography by Clémence Foucart.

It looked like a Denis Villeneuve film, the air filled with eerie pallor. New York, blanketed in otherworldly gloom, saw residents holed up indoors and putting masks back on for protection. The streets bore a striking resemblance to the peak of the pandemic, albeit with the addition of an ominous, apocalyptic hue. Despite the global rise in wildfire occurrences as climate change worsens, the city seemed unprepared for the smoky veil that fell upon it. And though bars and restaurants remained open to patrons eager to drink martinis and people-watch, there was something missing from the city’s signature roar: fewer voices on the streets, amplified siren blares. Photographers braved the surreal landscape to capture these moments, so CULTURED invited them to share their experiences navigating their profession during yet another unprecedented time.

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