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Danny Cole Isn't Afraid of the Hat Man

All images courtesy of Danny Cole.

Danny Cole loves toys as much as your baby niece does. Fascinated by the art of play and its ability to stimulate the imagination, the 23-year-old multidisciplinary artist has garnered a cult following by transporting his nearly 100 thousand online followers into Creature World: an extensive project centered around his signature animated character, “The Creature.” Creature has been alive in Cole’s mind since childhood, when the artist first began drawing and chronicling his adventures. Creature World brings these vivid dreams to fruition through various mediums. In 2021, Cole launched one of his most prominent projects to date, a 10,000 piece NFT collection that ravaged the market. This month, Creature World made its New York Fashion Week debut, with each garment in the inaugural collection immersed in its own wild, sculptural installation. Here, Cole DMs CULTURED about his online vices, his affinity for a certain creepy Twitter meme, and his dream of a more earnest Internet. 

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