Food Well Done

Internet-Breaking Chef Alison Roman Shares a Very Important PSA

Portrait of Alison Roman. All photography by Chris Bernabeo. All images courtesy of Roman.

For most people with a palate, Alison Roman needs no introduction. The chef, food writer, and Internet maverick has molded many a millennial—and not only—with her unruffled attitude in the kitchen, matter-of-fact branding (A Newsletter, The Pasta, The Cookies), and mordant yet accessible personality. Her previous books, Dining In and Nothing Fancy, are studies in embracing imperfection and improvisation. Sweet Enough, her newest, echoes this spirit, offering recipes for all levels of dessert enthusiasts, including people who just can’t stand them. Amidst all the buzz surrounding the book, Roman took a moment to call up CULTURED and talk dessert fatigue, bodega orders, and the ingredient that’s keeping her together during book tour.

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