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You’re Going to Have to Play by Adam Gordon’s Rules

Adam Gordon, untitled, 2021. Painting.

More or less everything that Adam Gordon makes is about painting, even when it’s not. Even when it’s a long, darkened home garage on the Parisian periphery, with a corridor composed of a singular LED beam clamped to a chair that you must walk around to get to, where a fluttering plastic curtain lays waiting for you to pull aside in order to enter a coil heater–warmed chamber with a chocolate-gone-bad scent. There, a small window compels you to look inside, like the staggered slats of Marcel Duchamp's Étant donnés. Because even here, the 36-year-old artist's work is about using composition and light to scare up emotions—it’s just that in this case, the artist manipulates time and architecture rather than his traditional pigment and linseed oil. That acute discomfort one experiences staring through the neatly framed keyhole of his recent Parisian installation at Galleria Zero is not so dissimilar to the upset caused by Duchamp’s woman spread-eagle, holding a candle in Étant donnés. This time the scene is not graphic, but rather quietly horrific. Spoilers to follow.

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