Not Sure How to Display Your NFT Art? There's an App—and a High-Tech Canvas—for That

Renaître III by Gonzzzalo displayed on Danvas's Series G.
Photograph by Stephen Julliard.

As any seasoned collector knows, the ways in which a collection is exhibited is almost as important as the curation itself. Whether it be aesthetic, contextual, historical, or simply one's own random desire, an artwork's physical placement has a huge effect on how it's perceived. When it comes to Web3, though, the quandary of display has endless possibilities—but, at the same time, limits. Can a living, breathing, non-fudgetable token elicit an emotional reaction from a mobile browser in the way that a framed abstraction can command a room? How do we interact with digital art in the real world when its medium is a world without realities?

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