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Catherine Cohen Changes the Gorgeous Face of Comedy

It may be a cliché that stand-up comedians work out their issues on stage instead of in therapy, but for Catherine Cohen, it’s a career. In her part-musical, part-comedy cabarets, the millennial performer and podcaster pokes fun at the awkward realities of dating, sex, adolescent memories and mostly, herself. As she says in her recent Netflix special The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous, she “just can’t stop creating content.”

By Elizabeth Fazzare June 23, 2022
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DJ Carl Craig Perfects His Set

Grammy-nominated producer and DJ Carl Craig blew the house off the Venice Biennale when he played the Canadian Pavilion’s afterparty for Stan Douglas. We can still hear his set ringing in our ears. This is typical of the way the Detroit-born sound pioneer moves, whether he’s installing at the Dia Art Foundation in Beacon, New York or taking over the speakers at Berghain in Berlin.

By Kat Herriman June 23, 2022
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