woman in fur coat
Performance Review

Catherine Cohen Changes the Gorgeous Face of Comedy

Elizabeth Fazzare: What do you hope to see more of on stage in the near future? 

Catherine Cohen: Fabulous clothes.

EF: What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve gotten for being on stage?

CC: If you’re not having fun, no one else will!

EF: What is your preferred pre-performance ritual?

CC: 12 hours of peaceful sleep, vocal warmups, lots of water and a Red Bull if I’m feeling wild.

woman in fur coat
Catherine Cohen.

EF: What is one song always on your pre-performance playlist?

CC: Successful by Ariana Grande!

EF: What’s the relationship between you and your stage self? 

CC: I love her! She’s so talented.

EF: What themes are you currently exploring and how can we expect to see them manifest in new work?

CC: The deep, endless void within that will never be fulfilled; the crushing weight of social media-induced envy; botox… this is what’s on my mind lately!