Elton John Is Selling His Cars, Clothes, and Art at Christie's. Here Are 9 Oddball Objects That Rise Above the Rest

Goodbye Peachtree Road (Installtion View), 2024. All images courtesy of Christie's Images LTD.

Elton John is saying Goodbye Peachtree Road—the 13,000-square-foot Atlanta condo he has owned for decades—and pruning his belongings. The musician and his husband, David Furnish, sold their Georgia manse for $7.2 million last fall, and are selling some of its contents at Christie’s this month.

John is a consummate collector who has exhibited his black-and-white photography collection at Tate Modern and previously downsized with sales at Sotheby’s in 1988 and 2003. This sale—which stretches over three live auctions and a handful of online ones—includes 900 items, from a full Versace “Medusa Red” tableware set to a collector's edition pinball machine to intimate photographs. Ahead of the live evening auction on Feb. 21, we’ve pulled out a few of the most enticing items—all estimated for $15,000 or less.


Two Louis XIV-Style ‘Fancy Dress’ Costumes, Sandy Powell, Circa 1994
Estimate: $10,000-$15,000

These costumes are pieces of pop culture history created by Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell. They were donned by Elton John and his husband David Furnish for Elton’s extravagant 47th birthday bash in 1994. Ideal for the collector with a love for pomp and a partner in pageantry. 


ELTON JOHN Collector's Edition Signed Pinball Machine. Steve Ritchie, Christopher Franchi, John Youssi, and JP de Win for Jersey Jack Pinball, 2023
Estimate: $10,000-$15,000

With its dazzling design and a backglass autographed with a cheeky “With love from the Pinball Wizard - Elton John,” this second of only 1,000 is bedecked with Sir Elton’s signature flair. For the fanatics of the fantastical, this pinball machine rolls out a visual feast of the artist’s most memorable moments while the 120-Watt sound system belts out his iconic hits. 


A Versace (Rosenthal) Porcelain ‘Medusa Red’ Table Service
Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

This "Medusa Red" set whispers tales of opulent dinner parties and soirees hosted by the Rocket Man himself. The Versace collection includes a full array of tableware, from imposing chargers and dinner plates to teapots and coffee cups. Elton John’s table service is a feast for the senses, darling.


Two Heads by Ryan McGinley, 2011
Estimate: $10,000-$15,000

Among Elton John’s eclectic art collection is this image of an intimate pas de deux between human and reptile. The chromogenic print, the second of an edition of three, is, like many of John’s works, a conversation starter. It’s bold, unapologetic, and invites a second look, much like the man who once chose it for his collection. 


A Pair of Silver Leather Tall Platform Boots, circa 1971
Estimate: $5,000-$10,000

John wore these silver platforms—with red leather letters E and J affixed to the sides—throughout the 1970s. The scuffs on the front and sides are proof. A similar pair of chrome boots, albeit with higher platforms, was included in the Museum of Modern Art’s 2017 exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” (It was the museum’s first fashion exhibition since 1944.) You can also see an image of these shoes on the special-edition Elton John pinball machine. 


A Multi-Colored Cape, Probably Annie Reavey, Circa 1970
Estimate: $1,500-$2,000

If you are going to raid Elton John’s closet, why not really go for it? While some of the other suits and costumes on offer in the online sale have exceeded their estimates with a week left open for bidding, this one seems to have flown under the radar. At press time, the cape, composed of silk, satin, and velvet panels and geometric patterns, had a bid of $900. It was likely the work of British textile designer-turned-mural painter Annie Reavey. 


A Green “Mozart” Wig, Tour De Force, Australia, 1986
Estimate: $200-$400

Sir Elton often tipped his extravagant hats to greats like Mozart, Chopin, and Bach. While Wolfgang had opera halls, Elton had arenas. He wore this wig while conducting a rock ‘n’ roll rhapsody with the Melboourne Symphony Orchestra in 1986. It’s a whimsical tribute to a meeting of musical minds. 


Weegee’s Elizabeth Taylor, 1961
Estimate $3,000-5,000

John and Furnish are no strangers to being photographed, and their collection shows a special affection for portraits of other celebrities. This irreverent image of Elizabeth Taylor comes from Weegee’s “Distortions” series, which the cult self-taught photographer began in earnest after moving to Hollywood for a stint in 1947. Its blend of celebratory and satirical feels fitting for an owner whose image is often seized on by others. 


A Group of Four Versace Silk Shirts, Circa 1992
Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

The ‘90s are back, haven’t you heard? And what better way to revisit the era’s bohemian revival style than with Versace’s bold silk shirts, straight from the closet of Elton John? But these tops won’t come cheap. Although the high estimate is $3,000 for a set of four, the current bid is already at $10,000, with seven days left of bidding to go.