Rules To Live By Fashion

Art and Fashion Pioneer Michèle Lamy Shares Her Rules for Dressing Like Yourself and Staying in Love

All photography by Daniil Lavrovski and courtesy of Michèle Lamy.

Few life stories hew as closely to a sense of personal style as Michèle Lamy’s. Born during World War ll in Jura, France, the artist worked first as a defense lawyer before turning her sights on the art of performance—first as a cabaret dancer throughout Europe, and later as a fashion designer and nightclub owner in Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Forty years on, Lamy remains a fixture of the fashion and nightlife scenes of New York and Paris. A glimpse of the 80-year-old’s occult charm amid a sea of showgoers—the signature gold-plated teeth, heavy eye makeup, Berber-inspired tattoos, and benevolent seniority—represents the high water mark of many a fashion week.

Lamy is also lauded for her insatiability—a fervent collaborator, the artist has designed album covers and appeared in the music videos of close friends like A$AP Rocky and FKA Twigs, and has operated for decades as the business partner and muse of her husband Rick Owens.


Recently, the artist partnered with THE SKATEROOM, a social education platform that works with artists on limited edition skateboard collections to raise funds for community projects. “Throughout her career, [Michèle] has challenged the role of art and fashion in today’s cultural landscape, pushing the boundaries of artistic production,” said THE SKATEROOM founder Charles-Antoine Bodson. "We’re extremely proud to release our second collaboration with Lamy, furthering our mission to empower international skate and education through the transformative power of art.”

The exclusive collection of boards, which debuted at ComplexCon late last year, features photographs of Lamy shot by famed fashion photographer Juergen Teller. To mark the release, Lamy shared her top rules for living life in style.


Michèle Lamy's Rules to Live By:

  1. Never believe you can be neutral in a situation of injustice.

  2. Always be strong…be fearless…be beautiful.

  3. Never dress like everyone else…you don't think like everyone else.

  4. Always get up, show up, and never give up.

  5. Never wait for the right moment to start your project.

  6. Always follow your heart and intuition.

  7. Never finish being in love.

  8. Always upgrade, create, thrive, and win.