Supermodel Karlie Kloss Shows Off Her Curatorial Chops at Sotheby’s Auction During Women’s History Month

Emily Xie, Memories of Qilin #694. All images courtesy of the artists and Sotheby's.

She’s a supermodel, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and media mogul. If that wasn’t enough already, Karlie Kloss is adding “guest curator” to her resume for Sotheby’s latest Contemporary Curated auction. 

The multihyphenate has chosen nine masterworks by women artists—including selections from Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, and Agnes Martin—which will be on view Feb. 23 to 29 before a live auction March 1 to kick off Women’s History Month. 

“Art has always allowed me to see my own experiences in new ways. I’ve spent half of my life in the fashion industry surrounded by fabrics and colors that represent feelings, ideas, and self-expression,” said Kloss in a statement. The Kode with Klossy founder, who created her own nonprofit to help girls and young women jumpstart their careers in tech, has long advocated for helping women advance in their fields. 

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #132, 1984.

“Both art and technology can be intimidating, but at the core each is a gateway to expression and problem solving,” explained Kloss. “Whether the medium is a canvas and oil or a computer and code, it’s coming from a place of emotion and passion.”

Kloss joins an eclectic and accomplished group of curators in Sotheby’s roster: previous Contemporary Curated participants include Swizz Beatz, Robert Pattinson, Kevin Love, Kim Jones, and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few. The series aims to highlight the specific, industry-honed perspective of each celebrity connoisseur.

Yayoi Kusama, Infinity-Nets (ENNO), 2011.

Kloss will lean on her years in the fashion industry working with some of the world’s biggest houses. Further, her media work in the past few years—including her newly-minted position as i-D magazine CEO—gives this auction an additional creative edge. 

Beyond the intriguing challenge of working with Sotheby’s for the first time, the opportunity presents Kloss with an opportunity to crystallize her cross-industry mission. “Art is the cornerstone of community,” she said. “Curating a group of works by trailblazing women isn’t only about diversity of thought and experience; it’s about empowering voices and shaping a more inclusive future.”