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Art and Fashion Icon Michèle Lamy on What Makes Her Keep Going

Fashion icon Michèle Lamy. Photography Danielle Levitt.

What are you passionate about right now?

 You are catching me at a time in which I know what I’m fighting for—to try to make a positive contribution in response to climate change. I like to build things; I like to think about everything we do and to be aware of that. Now we have to not be talking, but doing.

Where do you find the motivation to continue your practice?

I don’t know exactly. When I really believe in something, I’m loud. I’m still quick to say my optimism is exhausting. But I’m not exhausted.

What gets easier with time?

The more you age, the more you recognize right away what could be bullshit. It’s easier to not have the insecurities you had when you were 20, trying to figure out how you see the world. As much as you believe in something, you can make it happen.

How important is reinvention?

I don’t think of reinvention as something you do, but as an idea to always be looking for something new. At the same time, you don’t reinvent yourself, every fiber links.

What is the key ingredient to a great career?

Love—a passion for what you do.