Food Well Done

Caesar Salad Is Molly Baz’s Holy Grail. This Fall, She Finally Built Up the Courage To Reinvent It

Portrait of Molly Baz. All photography by Peden+Munk and courtesy of Baz.

Molly Baz is a cookbook author for the Instagram age. She favors bright colors, intense flavors, and abbreviated terms like “cae sal” (caesar salad) and “smoo” (smoothie). This impassioned attitude is on full display in More Is More: Get Loose in the Kitchen, her sophomore cookbook published this fall. After offering a guide to the basics in her debut Cook This Book, Baz aims to encourage readers to take more risks. We spoke with the former senior food editor for Bon Appétit from her home in Los Angeles about the joys of improvisation, the difference between maximalism and gluttony, and her passion for cereal discourse. 

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