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Michelle Li, Brandon Veloria, Emilia Petrarca, and More Share Their Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall, already? Whether you're mentally prepared or not, its arrival is imminent. Fashion trends are as ephemeral as seasons these days, so to get our closets autumn-ready, CULTURED turned to 12 tastemakers, from hair stylist Masami Hosono to model Jake Fleming and writer Emilia Petrarca, to ask: what do you expect to be reaching for time and time again this season?

Image courtesy of Jake Fleming.

Jake Fleming

Model Jake Fleming is known for an eccentric style and darker palette. You'll find him regularly donning head to toe Prada and Fendi, sweltering weather be damned.

“Utility waist bags… First and foremost, they aren’t fanny packs, so don’t get it twisted. I’ve recently started adding these into my outfits because of the provided functionality whilst adding dimension to a seemingly flat outfit. For anyone looking to add an accessory they’ve not yet dappled in this fall, I suggest going with one of these bad boys.”

Image courtesy of Masami Hosono.

Masami Hosono

A Masami Hosono hairdo cut is sartorial currency in New York, but the founder of Vacancy Project knows how to pull a fit, too.

“This corset by Salter House is my favorite item for fall fashion!”

Image courtesy of Justin Lopez.

Justin Lopez

Model Justin Lopez rolls around New York in a tie and botton down one day, and a graphic tee and sneakers the next. Somehow, he looks equally cool in both. 

“My fall essential is this Acne Studios sweater vest! With fall you could get some cooler days or some warmer days and it works for both. You could dress this down and casual by wearing a short sleeve under, or dress it up with a button down shirt. With so many options out there, it’s a simple way to get a variety of looks out of one piece in your closet!”

Photography by Jeffrey Miller. Image courtesy of Linda Rodin. 

Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is a New York-based stylist and designer, as well as the founder of LINDA HOPP. The line of unconventional denim pieces is as whimsical and effortlessly chic as she is.

“This denim outfit is from my denim line LINDA HOPP. Silver details throughout. Matched with my denim 5 pocket jeans, also with a silver large turn up cuff.”

Image courtesy of DUSTY.


If there's one thing a DUSTY fit pic will never be, it's expected. The New York-based designer and artist's style embodies a devil-may-care attitude, whether he's brunching in the Hamptons or cosplaying as Karl Lagerfeld.

“One of the must-haves that holds a special place in my heart is my DUSTY bag (designed by me). This bag serves as a constant source of motivation, reminding me to keep pushing forward and never give up. I am filled with excitement at the thought of launching my DUSTY bags and sharing this inspiration with the world. I believe that others will appreciate the story behind it and find their own motivation through its presence.”

Image courtesy of Emilia Petrarca.

Emilia Petrarca

Emilia Petrarca is a freelance writer based in New York with bylines in New York, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and more.

“These black stretch knit High Sport pants were my wardrobe MVP of last fall, and I’m confident that they will be again this season. They’re not cheap, but I wore them everywhere: to the office (when I still worked in an office), to dinners, events—you name it. I wore them on planes. I wore them on vacation. I even wore them to a bachelorette party. To put it plainly, they make me feel hot and cool in a way that my black jeans just don’t (they’re kinda tight, but they stretch), and every time I remember they’re hanging in my closet, I think: THANK GOD. Yes, I think I also have to get them in red.”

Image courtesy of Maddie Demaine.

Maddie Demaine

Simple, chic, streamlined: London-based model Maddie Demaine's outfits pair timeless pieces with seasonal staples, and are definitely worth channeling.

“The perfect fall boot. Fit for whatever weather London has to offer, these Our Legacy boots are my must-have item. Robust but elegant, and just the right height (something of great importance), they work seamlessly with any outfit–dressed up or down. They are crafted meticulously, feel as good as they look, and I never want to take them off. I simply love them.”

Danny Cole

Image courtesy of Danny Cole.

Danny Cole is a New York-based painter and interdisciplinary artist. He's best known for his project Creature World.

“My must-have is patterned vintage tees. My go-to is Hai Sporting Gear, which was a Japanese brand under Issey Miyake’s design studio. A little noise on your clothes changes the way you move.”

Image courtesy of Michelle Li.

Michelle Li

Michelle Li is a model, writer, and stylist based in New York. Her looks, rife with vintage finds, aren't easily replicable. But you can always try. 

“My must-have for fall is a really nice quality track jacket! I love this one because it’s a really nice knit that elevates any look while still keeping it really casual.”

Image courtesy of Elena Mottola.

Elena Mottola

Elena Mottola is a Paris-based stylist and consultant, and probably one of the few pairing medieval armor with mini skirts and pink tights. Though her off-set looks aren't quite so extreme, they're still easily pushing the boundaries of street style.

“It’s my Tom Ford sunglasses for sure. It’s giving this masculine, vintage, Italian vibe that I love. Cast me in a movie 🍿❤️”

Image courtesy of Brandon Veloria Giordano.

Brandon Veloria Giordano

Brandon Veloria Giordano is the co-founder of James Veloria, a curated vintage and contemporary clothing store in New York, beloved by everyone you love to envy.

“My must have piece for fall is a thigh high boot. I’m never ready for summer to end so wearing my shorts into fall keeps that energy going!” (Boots are SS 2009 Givenchy and shorts are vintage 1950s denim from @flower_chop).

Image courtesy of Dana Boulos.

Dana Boulos

Director, photographer, DJ: Los Angeles's Dana Boulos is a classic multi-hyphenate, pouncing between mediums and donning a outfit to match each. 

Agnes B’s classic fleece button cardigan is an item I can’t live without.”