Dior Lands at the Beverly Hills Hotel for Its Maximalist Summer Pop-Up

All photography by Paul Vu and courtesy of Dior.

The 18th century brought about a suite of innovations, including the steam engine, the piano, and the establishment of the novel as a literary genre. The period also engendered an aesthetic revolution in Europe, with tides shifting toward frivolous rococo. One of the key elements in this maximalist revolution was toile de Jouy, a traditionally monochrome fabric featuring vignettes of countryside scenes, romantic picnics, and luscious flora and fauna. This summer, the style—the 18th-century version of a comic strip—will make its way to beaches and tennis courts with Dioriviera, Maison Dior’s annual summer capsule collection that takes a dusty pink and gray interpretation of the pattern as its leitmotif


Designed by Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, the collection presents a slew of summer necessities adorned with Toile de Jouy Sauvage. Dioriviera will be available in nine pop-up boutiques in idyllic summer destinations across the world, from Capri to Saint Tropez and Beverly Hills. The maison will take up residence in the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel through the summer season, offering Dioriviera disciples and newcomers alike the opportunity to browse iconic bags like the Lady D-Lite and the Dior Book Tote, along with scarves and satin shirts adorned with the enduring house code.


Channeling the playful kitsch of toile de Jouy, the pop-up’s interior takes the form of an immersive sandcastle filled with life-sized sand sculptures of wildlife, giving visitors a taste of lighthearted luxury. Surf-inspired cabins line the perimeter, offering Dior parasols, yoga mats, and surfboards. Poolside, guests will recline under Toile de Jouy Sauvage–coated cabanas, where they can schedule boutique relaxation treatments at the Jardin des Rèves Dior Spa. The pop-up experience promises to be a lush summer respite, this year and every year.