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Meet Yoann Bourgeois, The Choreographer Who Taught Harry Styles How to Move

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Yoann Bourgeois wears a full look by Balenciaga.

Yoann Bourgeois trained in the circus arts, and it shows. The artistic director, choreographer, and set designer explores notions of weightlessness, achieving gravity-defying feats that bend the laws of physics. His choreography has been brought to life by the likes of Harry Styles, Coldplay, and Selena Gomez, to name a few.

“The contemporary landscape of dance has gradually become so diversified that it would certainly escape even a seasoned panoramic gaze. It is perhaps less of a single landscape and more like multiple worlds. The great distinctions of the last century between German Expressionism and American Formalism have dissolved with a variety of styles that opened new paths of expression. As in many other areas, the advent of digital and social medias has been a phenomenal upheaval. These networks have become real, new scenes that have allowed the recognition of an incredible diversity of styles, individuals, and contexts. Choreography clarifies notions of rhythms, body shapes, and movements. It reminds me of objective rules of space and time; to write a body language. It is a framework for sensation. It is a tool for composing ensembles and transmitting information. With choreography, I count time and trace space."

All Skincare by Dr. Barbara Sturm.
Makeup by Anna Payn
Hair by Eliot McQueen
Nails by Christie Huseyin
Set Design by Sam Pidgen
Produced by The Curated
Dop Max Montgomery
Digi Op Nina Close
Lighting Direction by Ross Zillwood
Fashion Assistance by Tom Grimsdell and Tamsin Michael
Makeup Assistance by Tamsin Bilingall
Set Assistance by Kaush Odedra and Haleimah Darwish
Location Drop Studios