Body Language People

Daniel Hay-Gordon Steps Into the Light

In collaboration with

Eleanor Perry wears a dress by Melitta Baumeister, bustle by Costume Studio, and shoes by Melitta Baumeister. Daniel Hay-Gordon wears a coat by Simone Rocha, gilet by Carhartt, pants by Stefan Cook, and shoes by Loewe.

Filmmaker and choreographer Daniel Hay-Gordon, 34, has performed across Europe and the United States. In 2012, he and Eleanor Perry established the dance theater company Thick & Tight out of the U.K. He’s worked with heavyweight institutions including The Royal Ballet—which tapped Thick & Tight to curate programming for its Family Sunday and Late events—Staatsoper Berlin, and The Royal Opera House.

“Finding invention, storytelling, musicality, humor, rapture, and expression through the forming of movement is thrilling to me. Some days I can be on a roll, and movement streams fluently. On other days it can be really challenging; I can create a passage for a few hours, then look back at it and feel a bit nauseated! Dance doesn’t happen by chance or because of some kind of unearthly genius; you have to work really hard at it. Historically, it has been an industry where abuse is permissible; most dancers are young and have been trained within a suppressive culture. However, a new generation is seeking to rebalance the hierarchy. Earlier in my career I was often told that the way I moved was too feminine. My queerness was something undesirable. Thankfully, times have changed, and authentic ways of moving are desired and celebrated."

All Skincare by Dr. Barbara Sturm.
Makeup by Anna Payn
Hair by Eliot McQueen
Nails by Christie Huseyin
Set Design by Sam Pidgen
Produced by The Curated
Dop Max Montgomery
Digi Op Nina Close
Lighting Direction by Ross Zillwood
Fashion Assistance by Tom Grimsdell and Tamsin Michael
Makeup Assistance by Tamsin Bilingall
Set Assistance by Kaush Odedra and Haleimah Darwish
Location Drop Studios