Petlt Swapped the Russian Ballet for the Parisian Party Circuit

Petit the DJ

The word might mean “small” in French, but Petlt, soon-to-be producer and musical artist is set to be big—or at the very least will make some noise. The stage name, which is spelled out with an “l” in place of its “i,” stems from Anastasia Shevtsova’s ballet training at St. Petersburg’s Vaganova Ballet Academy, specifically the petit battement technique, in which the legs and feet “beat” together quickly, often on pointe or as a jump.

“It has been with me for a very long time, but I recently decided to radically change my style, and I realized that I needed a different name to match,” explains the artist, who, prior to beginning her dance training, attended music school, where she practiced the piano and violin. Indeed, her first interests might have leaned toward the classical, but now she says she wants to be the person who makes people dance: “You control the musical flow and, in a certain way, guide people.”

All clothing and accessories Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022
Makeup by Cyril Lane
Hair by Kevin Roux
Nails by Sally Derbali
Casting by Nicola Kast
Produced by Farago Projects
Photo assistant: Anja Graber