The Soft Burn of Indie Singer Soko

Soko musician

If 2012’s “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow’’ didn’t teach you how to love, then you were missing out on a whole era of heartbreak. Ten years later, older, wiser, and now a mother, Soko (born Stéphanie Sokolinski) and her music have matured. In addition to starring in Mayday on Hulu and B.J. Novak’s The Premise, the musician-slash-actor returned from Los Angeles to Paris, collaborated with Vans, and even wrote a few impromptu songs with her child, Indigo Blue.

While the collaborative tracks are still to be released, the indie artist’s most recent album, "Feel Feelings," is a sweet, somber sleeper hit. With a soothing voice and gutting lyrics, Soko’s music may not necessarily be mainstream, but she’s cultivated a loyal following and beloved fans. There is a constant tenderness to her sound, in fact, and an honesty that can melt even the coldest heart: You can always count on Soko to help you sink deep into your feelings, even if you don’t want to.

All clothing and accessories Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022
Makeup by Cyril Lane
Hair by Kevin Roux
Nails by Sally Derbali
Casting by Nicola Kast
Produced by Farago Projects
Photo assistant: Anja Graber