Paola Lenti Is Master of the Color Wheel, Indoors and Out

Paola Lenti is synonymous with visions of chic, colorful and, most importantly, comfortable outdoor furniture. The Italian entrepreneur made a name for herself and the eponymous brand she runs with her sister, Anna (at the business helm), through their unique approach to design, material research, experimentation and a sustainable ethos. A master colorist, Lenti combines hues to sophisticated effect, allowing customers to thrive as the main characters of their spaces. Sustainability is a key consideration in bringing these forward-thinking designs to life, and the brand has developed their own high-tech, 100 percent recyclable and eco-compatible yarns and textiles to create durable colorfast furniture while minimizing the ecological impact. Responsible sourcing and manufacturing in Italy also lower the carbon footprint. With the very first United States Paola Lenti stores opening in Los Angeles and Miami, the brand has expanded its oeuvre to include architectural elements, indoor product and most recently, Eres, a collection crafted using 100 percent natural materials like bamboo, hemp and linen.

By Sophia Small March 10, 2022
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Art, Culture and Community Come Together at San Francisco’s Historic Ghirardelli Square

While known for its shopping, dining and scenic views, the art and community culture of Ghirardelli Square is also historically unmatched. As the city has gone through its share of booms, small businesses in Ghirardelli Square continue to thrive. 90 percent are locally owned, and a half are woman-owned. Here’s why creative inspiration is still found at this intrinsic piece of San Francisco’s history.

By Molly Wilcox January 19, 2022
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