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In Mexico City for Zona Maco? Here Are 6 Essential Exhibitions To See Outside the Fair

Eduardo Sarabia, Eclipse Dreaming, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and OMR.

“Four Minutes of Darkness” by Eduardo Sarabia 
When: February 6 - March 26 
Why It’s Worth a Look: This exhibition is an exploration of ancestral wisdom and personal mythology, set against the backdrop of a total solar eclipse’s shadow. Through an architectural installation reminiscent of a chapel, complete with a stained-glass ceiling, Sarabia creates a space where light and shadow play central roles. An illuminated fountain is surrounded by a sprawling garden where a series of characters lurk. 
Know Before You Go: The eclipse that inspired the show will take place on April 8 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where a public viewing will take place in the recently restored Museo de Arte de Mazatlán.

"Gabriel Orozco"
When: February 10 - March 23
Why It’s Worth a Look: Seven years after his transformative "OROXXO" project, Gabriel Orozco returns to Kurimanzutto with an exhibition that delves deep into his exploration of natural and urban landscapes. Showcasing a series of recent drawings, paintings, and sculptures, Orozco invites viewers to accompany him on his travels across Mexico. 
Know Before You Go: Don't miss the “Diaria de Plantas” collection of drawings, initiated in Tokyo during the Covid pandemic and continuing through Acapulco and Mexico City. These intimate notebooks, smaller than the palm of a hand, contain the imprints and sketches of leaves the artist picked up on the road.

Amoako Boafo, White Pearls, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and Mariane Ibrahim.

The one that got away” by Amoako Boafo
Mariane Ibrahim 
February 7 - May 4
Why It’s Worth a Look: This latest exhibition introduces a new chapter to Boafo’s celebrated oeuvre, known for vibrant figuration and distinctive finger painting. Here, he expands his artistic vocabulary by venturing into mosaic and stained-glass mediums with a series of portraits, each featuring a friend, collaborator, or muse of the artist. 
Know Before You Go: As well as making new material choices, the exhibition also marks Boafo's first show in Mexico.

Uber: Déjame entrar” by Frieda Toranzo Jaeger 
Travesía Cuatro
When: Opening February 6 
Why It’s Worth a Look: Frieda Toranzo Jaeger presents a critique of contemporary society through the lens of materialism, blending the seductive allure of gothic narratives with a sharp commentary on the gig economy’s vampiric nature. Her work, inspired by Venetian colorists, uses dramatic poses, sexual tension, and glittering blood to critique the transformation from a spiritual worldview to one dominated by capital. 
Know Before You Go: Jaeger's show will be on view alongside the first Mexican exhibition of work by Brazilian artist Eleonore Koch in "Casi Concreto."

Theodora Allen, Breastplate I, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and Kasmin.

“Germ” by Theodora Allen
Kasmin at Casa Siza
When: February 6 - March 30
Why It’s Worth a Look: Allen, a Los Angeles-based artist known for her esoteric visual language, presents “Germ,” an exploration of becoming and transmutation. Allen’s large-scale works on linen and smaller compositions each contain the "germ" of an idea, caught between life phases by her incisive paintbrush. 
Know Before You Go: The exhibition will inaugurate Casa Siza, a gallery and residence designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza and the perfect backdrop for Allen’s exploration of seedlings, armor, and celestial geometry.

“Veladas Especiales by Matte Projects x JO-HS
Mimi Disco
When: February 6 - 9
Why It’s Worth a Look: This four-day event blends art with live music, featuring sets from renowned DJs Chloé Caillet, Eric Duncan, Apollonia Orsoni, Harvey, and Tennis. “Mimi Disco” is more than a party; it’s also a celebration of MATTE's one-year anniversary in the Mexican capital. 
Know Before You Go: This intimate experience is capped at 150 guests per night, promising to envelop attendees in a dynamic exploration of sound, space, and artistry.