Design Parties

Editor Whitney Robinson and Mr. Giorgio Armani Live the Venetian Dream at Festa del Redentore

Whitney Robinson on boat ride in Venice. All images courtesy of Robinson.

Boats fill the waters. Fireworks coat the skies. Across the city, Venice’s locals flood their rooftops to see the display. This year, editor and entrepreneur Whitney Robinson was one amongst the crowds celebrating Festa del Redentore, the city's annual spectacle, as a special guest of Armani/Casa. The two-day experience included stops at nearby places of import—Palazzo Falier and Ducale—as well as studio visits and exquisite dinners. The design writer offered CULTURED an exclusive look inside the festive whirlwind.

Friday Afternoon: A Picturesque Arrival in Venice

That Evening: Dinner and a View

The Morning of the Festival: A Venetian Dream

Midday Saturday: Refueling and Relaxing

Saturday Evening: The Night of the Festival