Art Parties

'CULTURED' and Hauser & Wirth Brought London’s Liveliest Characters to the Groucho Club for a Frieze Bash

Rachel D'Arcy at Groucho Club in London.

Typically, if you want to see a live brass band or a DJ; party with TikTokers, fine artists, and legacy media writers; or play pool and dance with club kids, you'd have to go to a kaleidoscope of places. Not last night. This Wednesday, the liveliest characters from all of these scenes packed into London's private Groucho Club. 

The event, co-hosted by CULTURED and Hauser & Wirth, celebrated the kick-off of Frieze London, now running for its 20th year. After perusing the litany of booths, guests—including Amelia Dimoldenberg, Jérôme Sans, Rashid Johnson, Christina Quarles, David King Reuben, Nate Freeman, Allegra Lorenzotti, and James G. Boulter—descended on the Soho spot for three floors of performances: Sebastian Singh on the ground, Vimala Rowe & the Sunshine Kings and Gaz Mayall on the first, topped by Dombrance and Isaac Ferry on the second. 

This year's fair was mammoth, featuring over 160 galleries participating from 46 countries and the addition of an Artist-to-Artist section in which established figures elect new voices for a spotlighting exhibition. With dozens of gallery shows opening concurrently to the fair, the atmosphere in London buzzed with autumnal art world energy. 

What to do after taking in works made by everyone from Eddie Martinez to Deana Lawson? Let a mustachioed man blast beats at you while dancing between feathered caps, Sgt. Pepper-esque outfits, and a litany of Thom Browne. Originally conceived as a respite from the strict gentleman's clubs of the 1980s, Groucho Club was founded by female publishers, and remains an off-beat destination for media types and artists. Last night only goes to show the attendees haven't lost any of their fire either.