Art This Week in Culture

This Week in Culture: May 8 - 14, 2023

Samuel Levi Jones, Conscious Intuition, 2022-23. Image courtesy of the artist and Galerie Lelong & Co.

Conscious Intuition” by Samuel Levi Jones
Galerie Lelong & Co. New York

In his latest solo exhibition at Galerie Lelong & Co., “Conscious Intuition,” artist Samuel Levi Jones makes art out of the networks of knowledge we share. The show will feature Jones’s works made of pulped paper, including Conscious Intuition, 2022-23, as well as works further back in his pulped paper catalog, like 48 Portraits (Underexposed), 2012. The exploration of Jones’s work in this medium highlights his focus on using commonplace information channels—such as the Encyclopedia Britannica, law textbooks, and flags—as a means to halt the proliferation of extremist perspectives and advocate for underrepresented voices. “Conscious Intuition” will be on view from May 11 through June 17, 2023 at Galerie Lelong & Co. in New York.

John Chamberlain: The Poetics of Scale” 
Hauser & Wirth Monaco

Hauser & Wirth Monaco’s new exhibition on John Chamberlain, “The Poetics of Scale,” will be the first to publicly feature poetry written by Chamberlain, who was known for his industrial-aesthetic sculpture. It puts his 1950s poetry in conversation with his 1980s sculpture series "Gondolas" and "Tonks,” which were composed of boat parts. These poems, written by Chamberlain during his time at Black Mountain College, will invite audiences to consider his artistic style in a new way, highlighting the connections between his work in the visual arts and elsewhere in his life. “The Poetics of Scale” will be on view from May 10 through September 2, 2023 at Hauser & Wirth in Monaco.

Laure Prouvost, Here Her Heart Hovers (video still), 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

Ohmmm age Oma je ohomma mama” by Laure Prouvost 
Kunsthalle Wien Vienna

After reading the exhibition title for Laure Prouvost’s joint Kunsthalle Wien and Wiener Festwochen exhibition, “Ohmmm age Oma je ohomma mama” one cannot help but notice how similar the German word for Grandma, Oma, is to the word homage. This is not a coincidence. Prouvost’s exhibition explores the concepts of history, lineage, and our future selves in a complex multi-media installation. The alliteration in the title of her new work, Here Her Heart Hovers, 2023, along with the exhibition title, suggests that Prouvost’s interest, in this exhibition, is to prompt reflection on the impact of the words we speak to each other, and how they are passed down through generations. “Ohmmm age Oma je ohomma mama” will be on view from May 11 through October 1, 2023 at Kunsthalle Wien’s Museumsquartier location in Vienna.

I met your needs in the bar down the street” by Tina Braegger 
Meredith Rosen Gallery New York

Tina Braegger, a Swiss contemporary artist, is bringing her dancing bears to New York. The artist is known for using the iconic Grateful Dead symbol in her works to interrogate notions of authenticity and repetition. Throughout the artist’s catalog, viewers can see the bear crying, different pieces of the bear detached from its body, and the artist’s fragmented collages of its form. In this way, Braegger forces viewers to reconsider imagery familiar to them. “I met your needs in the bar down the street” will be on view from May 12 through June 17 at both Meredith Rosen Gallery locations in New York.

"Falling Angels" by Max Hooper Schneider
François Ghebaly Los Angeles

CULTURED Young Artist alum Max Hooper Schneider is returning to his hometown of Los Angeles after a multi-institutional tour abroad with a series of "climax communities." These sculptural biomes explore a world in which humanity has gone extinct, replaced by other beings or "things" that remake the world in their image. In one, greenery has overtaken man-made watering holes, like a drive-in theater and kitschy tourist attraction. In a desert scene, a spindly metal creature looms large over the arid landscape. "The works operate in two zones simultaneously," said the artist in a statement, "that of the traumatic and that of the marvelous, and it is the tension between them that is the true signature of the works.” "Falling Angels" is on view through June 10, 2023 at François Ghebaly's Downtown Los Angeles location.

A History of Burning cover image courtesy of the author and Grand Central Publishing.

A History of Burning by Janika Oza

Janika Oza’s debut novel, A History of Burning, begins by telling the story of Pirbhai, a young boy who is taken from India in 1898 to work on the East African Railway. Away from home, Pirbhai commits a brutal act that informs his family’s journey through the next three generations. Oza stays with this familial line as they span continents and struggle to reconnect. Intensely personal and perfectly timed with conversations of cultural identity and place-making, the book is one that is sure to stay with readers. A History of Burning is now available from Grand Central Publishing.

Park Avenue Armory New York 

Opening for its eighth New York City iteration, the Maastricht-based art fair TEFAF (The European Art Fair Foundation) will be setting up at the Park Avenue Armory this year. The event—which gives collectors the chance to browse jewelry, photography, modern, contemporary, ethnographic, and ancient art—will feature both in-person and online opportunities for those hoping to see the display, as well as conversations about leadership and scholarship in the contemporary art market. TEFAF will run from May 11 through May 16, 2023 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.

Independent Art Fair
Spring Studios New York

For contemporary art lovers, Independent will offer a look at both the most well-known and soon-to-be-recognized names on the market. Having introduced artists like Oscar Murillo and Issy Wood to the art fair scene, Independent is respected for its selection of up-and-coming artists who are sure to break into the worldwide market. This year, works from 70 galleries and non-profits from all over the world will be on view in Tribeca. Independent will run from May 11 through May 14, 2023 at Spring Studios in New York.