6 Interior Designers Who Put Together Viral Celebrity Homes

David Flack 

David Flack, of Flack Studio, worked with Troye Sivan on his Victorian-era, Melbourne home. The space has a lived-in comfort, paired with the type of detail and tasteful eclecticism you can only really get from a professional. Flack Studio, founded in 2014, highlights its intention to meld past sensibilities with modern design. The outcome of that mission, it would seem, is a home like Sivan’s that speaks to the younger generation’s penchant for vintage flair and sublime aesthetics. The musician’s space nearly doubles as a gallery, with an array of works, including a few by contemporary artists Gregory Hodge, Tom Polo, and Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.

Kathleen and Tommy Clements 

Kendall Jenner’s Los Angeles house is decorated with a James Turell light piece, a stone slab of a sink, and other oddities. Known for serene spaces that celebrate simplicity, mother-son design duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements brought it all together. Aside from Jenner, and her mother Kris, the team has worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Bruno Mars, and Adam Levine. Even while designing for the elite of LA, the Clements manage to blend a touch of rustic charm into their chic homes: a bit of faded leather here, a few wooden support beams there. 

Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman

To revitalize her '50s abode in Beverly Hills, Emma Chamberlain enlisted Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman from Proem Studio. The pair gave the YouTube star a home mature enough for a young adult, but quirky and whimsical enough to match Chamberlain’s boundless energy. Included in the re-design was a permanent beer pong setup in the backyard, as well as a $31,000 Trueing Studio chandelier hanging in the dining room. Founded in 2017, Proem is relatively new to the scene, and is named as a nod to new beginnings. 

Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward 

Dakota Johnson called on Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward from Pierce & Ward to style her bohemian, woodsy LA house. The space invites the outdoors in with expansive windows and glass doors. The distinctly midcentury modern decor trickles into the now infamous green kitchen, containing a bowl of limes that had Johnson starring in yet another meme. Pierce and Ward relocated from New York City to Nashville to start their interior design studio, and have since worked for the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Hudson, Brie Larson, and Emma Roberts. They also have a storefront in LA, selling the type of vintage goods often used to populate their clients’s homes. 

Nicolò Bini 

Cara Delevingne’s home is anything but regular, with an indoor ball pit, tented poker room, and more eclectic furniture than you could find at an actual circus. To make her many wild fantasies come true, Delevingne hired architect and designer Nicolò Bini from Line Architecture. His previous clients include Robert Downery Jr., Usher, and the Getty family. He also worked on the home Delevingne previously shared with her sister Poppy, marking an ongoing collaboration between the two. That home, while a bit more tame, was still complete with a Playboy pinball machine, nautical-themed bar, and stripper pole.

Vicky Charles

Notable Hollywood power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher enlisted the help of Vicky Charles from Charles & Co to help them turn their six acre plot of Hollywood Hills land into a home with a main house and attached “entertainment barn.” Charles was able to elevate the pair’s farmhouse aspirations by filling the rough wooden structures with sleek, dark furniture and blue velvet couches. Charles & Co also serves as the global head of design for Soho House and has previously designed homes for David and Victoria Beckham and George and Amal Clooney.