Interior view of The Sanctuary room, photo courtesy: The Dreamcatcher
City Guide

A Self-Made Spirit and a Hefty Dose of Creativity Have Made San Juan, Puerto Rico a Must-See Art Destination

“Gringo go home!” is a recent refrain heard and seen written in graffiti around Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan. If you’re a mask-denier, spring breaker, cruise-goer or on the hunt to suck resources from a struggling economy to benefit your next capitalist venture, this probably refers to you. Years of relentless catastrophes (hurricanes, earthquakes, corruption, economic devastation) has stifled the local population while the pandemic threatens Puerto Rico's already fragile health care system. Luckily, high vaccination rates have prevented it from collapsing during the pandemic so far. So, if you’re vaxxed, boosted, masked (and woke!), this refrain may not apply to you. Conscious travelers, welcome!

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