Navigating Miami's Best Galleries During Art Basel

Experimentation is key at BFI

Rob Goyanes

Tao Rey's installation at BFI. Courtesy of the gallery.

While other galleries have moved to different neighborhoods in search of the right climate, BFI has, for now, given up on the idea of a fixed space entirely. Naomi Fisher, who runs the space with operations manager Danielle Bender, outlines the goal of BFI: “It’s about keeping the center on the artist and making sure it’s exactly what the artist wants it to be, even if it’s not something that makes sense in the marketplace or otherwise.” Experimentation is key, not just to the artists they work with, but with the curatorial model itself. The decision to go nomadic means that exhibitions and projects can happen throughout Miami.

During Art Basel, BFI will host Brace Brace (composed of Christopher Kulendran Thomas & Annika Kuhlmann), Jorge Elbrecht and Loni Johnson at the NADA art fair, which will be held at Ice Palace Studios.

As Fisher says, “The way the world is changing, it’s so about being agile and mobile.” An important aspect of BFI, which was launched in 2004, is not clinging to the past and looking to new ways for art to operate, by “letting the artists lead the way and figure out the best way to present the work.”