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Artists Laurie Simmons, Martine Gutierrez, Sydnie Jimenez, and More Bring You Into Their Barbie World

This summer, Barbie has officially taken over the world. The iconic doll is making her live-action, silver-screen debut under Oscar-winner Greta Gerwig’s direction, and her trademark pink hue is making appearances everywhere—from TikTok ads to city benches. In her 64 years of existence, Barbie has slipped into a plethora of roles, including that of the artist. She's the architect of the doll archetype—the standard all others are measured by—and a mirror to cultural tendencies both aspirational and toxic. Ahead of the film’s release tomorrow, CULTURED invited 10 artists to opine on what Barbie has meant to them and their craft, along with their takes on the upcoming flick.

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