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Cooking Newsletter Demigod Sam Sifton on How To Get an Impossible Reservation

Portrait of Sam Sifton by David Benthal.

You probably haven't heard Sam Sifton’s voice, but after reading a few of his amorous culinary treatises that appear in NYT Cooking's newsletters, you may as well have. After reading Sifton's writing in your inbox, it's not hard to imagine him whispering tips over your shoulder as you stir a béarnaise.  The New York Times assistant managing editor, and beloved founding editor of the paper’s Cooking platform, has transformed the lives of many home cooks—after all, there aren't many chefs who would describe a morning glory muffin as tasting "of hippie optimism," or who would share a recipe for Roman egg drop soup with the power to "change the color of your mood ring." From perfecting the basics to presenting unexpected food combinations like “Peanut Butter Sandwiches with Sriracha and Pickles,” Sifton inspires readers to both honor simplicity and venture into new culinary terrains. As we settle into summer, the New York- and Maine-based writer of No Recipe Recipes, 2021, and See You on Sunday, 2020, tells CULTURED about his favorite meal of the day, a gas station stack he can’t get enough of, and the kitchen utensils he swears by.

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