Artist Tomás Saraceno Invites Spiders, Squirrels, and Cats to His Serpentine Exhibition

Tomás Saraceno, World(ing)WideWeb(s).Life (exhibition view), 2023. All photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno. All images courtesy of the artist and Serpentine.

With “In Collaboration: Web(s) of Life,” Serpentine’s new exhibition of Tomás Saraceno's work, the Argentinian multimedia artist asks viewers to befriend the spiders under their beds that are usually greeted with the back of a slipper. Saraceno places his audience in the context of their current environmental crisis to shed light on the desperate need for eco-social changes. The artist’s work highlights mankind’s role in a complex network of relationships that make up the larger environment. He bridges gaps between local communities, scientific researchers, and institutions around the world to realize projects that are as activist as they are artistic. Here, he talks to Serpentine Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist about his first major exhibition in the U.K., which reconfigures the Serpentine South gallery into a host for more than just human life.

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