Body Language People Video

6 Choreographers Crafting a Modern Body Language

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As we reckon with the intractable issues of our time, a group of choreographers from across the world—some classically trained, others who cut their teeth in the circus arts—are hard at work inscribing collective feelings of angst, affirmation, outrage, and jubilation onto the body. By translating issues of gender, race, power, and our collective humanity into an arched spine or a flutter of the hand, Yoann Bourgeois, Vidya Patel, Ivan Michael Blackstock, John-William Watson, Eleanor Perry, and Daniel Hay-Gordon offer a powerful verdict on the state of our culture. 

Directed by Daniel Archer
Cinematography by Max Montgomery
Edited by Marcel Mckenzie
Hair by Eliot McQueen
Set Design by Samuel Pidgen
Fashion Direction by Studio&
Makeup Artist Anna Payne
Manicurist Christie Huseyn
Production by The Curated