Two Days in New York with Brigitte Lacombe: A Photo Diary

Shar and Sigourney Weaver by Brigitte Lacombe.

For "48 HOURS NEW YORK," I decided to do portraits, exactly as I would have done with my camera but, instead, with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Simple portraits—direct, classic, and intimate—of friends, including a cat and a dog, that I have known and loved for a long, long time. I went to them alone, or they came to me.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max allowed me to be even closer to each subject. Removing one layer of formality inherent to portrait photography, it was therefore less intimidating, and—with an extraordinary camera fitting in the palm of my hand—it is already so familiar to me.

Preamble: September 7th, 2022

I flew from the Venice Film Festival to California to attend the Keynote presentation at Apple Park.

After a briefing for the new iPhone 14 Pro, I took the red-eye back to NYC:  no time to go home

Grace Gummer by Brigitte Lacombe.

Day 1: September 8th, 2022

8:00 AM 

Knocking on Sigourney’s door, she was waiting for me with Shar and Cosi Fan Tutte (and coffee too!)

Single portraits of each, including Cosi, Sigourney, and Shar together (Sigourney and I had been talking about doing this portrait since Shar was born!)

11:00 AM 

Grace at home in the West Village about to take a bath

I suggest that she should ignore me and proceed

Pictures in her bathtub

Grace Gummer and Louisa Jacobson by Brigitte Lacombe.

12:00 PM 

Louisa arrives 

Portraits of the two sisters together in the bedroom


Grace leaves and Louisa and I move downstairs to do her portrait alone (and play with Mark’s turntable!)

2:00 PM

In my home studio in the Lower East Side

Shower, eat toasts, and take a cat nap 

Ada Fastvold by Brigitte Lacombe.

4:00 PM

Ada arrives after school with her father, Brady

Very playful—dancer and gymnast style—most charming, enchating spirit

6:00 PM

Preia on the roof of my studio building

8:00 PM

In my bed, asleep

Day 2: September 9th, 2022

9:00 AM

East Broadway, home of 18 rescue cats that Ron C. is sharing with them

Several of the cats refuse to sit for their portraits and escape but, in the end, Jasper does volunteer

I take a formal portait of Jasper from the front with Ron C.’s hand and also from the back (you can see Jasper’s left ear is a little chewed)

Ron Castellano's cat, Jasper, by Brigitte Lacombe.

11:00 AM

Orchard Street, in Janet’s beautiful old loft

Greta (aka Frankie Cosmos) arrives with her guitar and striped tee, takes off her shoes, and plays a few chords

1:00 PM

Janet in her bedroom

Portrait of her strong back with beauty marks constellation

Janet Johnson by Brigitte Lacombe.

3:00 PM

Meeting with Timothee, Janet, and TJ about printing and framing

David is downloading iPhone 14 Pro Max

Epilogue: September 15th, 2022

7:00 PM 

"48 HOURS NEW YORK" exhibit opening with Tim Cook, Apple iPhone teams, friends and family