Cultured 10 Years

Derek Fordjour is the Next Artist Featured in Cultured's 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Derek Fordjour. Swashbuckler, 2022.

Image courtesy of the artist and David Kordansky Gallery. Photo by Daniel Greer.

“I use a knife as much as I use a brush, and I use charcoal as much as I use paint,” artist Derek Fordjour told Cultured in 2019 as he was preparing for his Los Angeles debut, “JRRNNYS,” at Night Gallery. Today, we reveal a new painting exemplifying that process, this one made for the magazine's 10-year anniversary celebration. "Cultured  fills a unique void in its ability to bridge the worlds of art, design and entertainment without sacrificing either," says Fordjour. "It is reminiscent of Warhol's Interview magazine in its prime with less ego, more therapy and mid-century modern vibes."