Cultured 10 Years

Genevieve Gaignard Blooms for Cultured's 10 Years

Genevieve Gaignard, And Still We Bloom/Soul Flower, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles. Photography by Brica Wilcox.

Orange, Massachusetts-born, LA-based Genevieve Gaignard fights cliche with humor. The Yale MFA graduate uses both photography and illustration to dissect intricacies of race, beauty, and cultural identity oftentimes becoming her own subject. For her commemorative anniversary cover for Cultured, Gaignard created a collage entitled And Still We Bloom/Soul Flower, which repurposes images of racial and domestic stereotypes, specifically that of the mammy. “Cultured has been so tapped into contemporary conversations with emerging artists over this past decade​ highlighting the richness and vibrancy of today’s art culture​,​”​ says the artist. ​