Cultured 10 Years

Cultured's Anniversary Artist Covers Continue with Mary Weatherford

Mary Weatherford, Through the Trees, 2021. Private collection. Photography by Fredrik Nilsen Studio.
Mary Weatherford, Through the Trees, 2021. Private collection. Photography by Fredrik Nilsen Studio.

“Six years ago, founder and editor Sarah Harrelson contacted me about an article for her new, independent publication—Cultured. We needed a new voice covering art, design, and architecture, but I didn’t know it then," says Mary Weatherford, who appeared on the magazine's cover in 2015, and whose work now graces Cultured's next 10-year anniversary art cover. 

“She sent Maxwell Williams to interview me on the hottest day of the year. I invited him to cool his feet in a bucket of water. Elena Dorfman took my picture. I loved working with her so much that I called her earlier this year to shoot another portrait—this time for an exhibition at Palazzo Grimani in Venice. I made lasting friendships from Sarah’s phone call... Happy Birthday Cultured!”