Cultured 10 Years

Christina Quarles Creates Powerful Art for 10 Years of Cultured

Christina Quarles, Yer Gunna Reap Jus' What Yew Sow, 2022. Photograhpy by Thomas Barratt. Image courtesy of the artist, Hauser & Wirth, and Pilar Corrias, London.

Chicago-born, and Los Angeles-based Christina Quarles works with paint in order to deconstruct its assumptions and weighty historical lineage​.“I find the baggage that comes along with painting—the unspoken but highly regulated historical context that structures the legibility, taste and value of a painting—to be a useful medium to unpack identity and what it is to live in a body​," she told William J. Simmons when the subversive artist—still early in her practice—was highlighted on Cultured's Young Artists 2019 list. Three years and several exhibitions later, Quarles reunites with Cultured once again to create our next commemorative cover in honor of the magazine's 10-year anniversary, seen above.