Cultured and Destiny Joseph Celebrate Chanel’s Miami Collaboration with Es Devlin

Cultured and Destiny Joseph Celebrate Chanel’s Miami Collaboration with Es Devlin

In celebration of 100 years of the iconic Chanel N°5, the luxury fashion house has commissioned artist and stage designer Es Devlin to create a multisensory installation at Miami’s Jungle Plaza.

The legendary, classic fragrance was inspired by the lush nature of southern France, where Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born and raised. To mimic the scenery, Es Devlin has created a forest made up of over 1,000 shrubs and trees to surround a manmade, minimalist labyrinth, which heavily stimulates scent. The finished product is a full-scale immersive experience, titled Five Echoes, that pays homage to the past, present and future of the famed scent.

Young influencer and model Destiny Joseph partners with Cultured to walk readers through the magic of the installation. 

Chanel prepares Destiny for her first Art Basel with an unmatched supply of skincare, fragrance and wardrobe. Having a largely minimalist makeup routine, Destiny focuses on moisturizing over all, relying on Chanel beauty products including: the Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream, the Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care and La Crème Main. Destiny takes more risks in her style, donning an intricately patterned black and white skirt and top set, complete with a matching crossbody bag, white high heeled booties, silver cuffs and a silver choker. The finishing touch is a spritz of Chanel N°5 and the look is complete. 

Camera ready, Destiny stops by at the sun-filled Cultured Miami office in Allapattah on her way to the installation to chat with Cultured founder Sarah Harrelson, while browsing the magazine’s latest winter Youth issue, whose release is timed to Miami Art Week. Sarah expresses admiration for Chanel’s sustainable emphasis of the installation: Chanel and Es Devlin have committed to replant all 1,000 of the plants utilized in the exhibition across Miami. 

The final stop is the installation itself. Designed as a maze of sorts, the all-white installation is complemented by an array of lush shrubbery encased by a dreamy fog. At the center of the installation is a special sensory experience of sound and light, furthering the dream-like stimulation. The open-air installation combines the sensations of the natural world with the beauty of Chanel N°5, paying a perfect homage to a scent inspired by Mother Earth. The installation will be open until December 21. Watch the full video below.