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What Editors Like: For Mother’s Day

If I had to put together a list of cool moms, fictional or not, the list would look something like... Regina George’s mom, Gabrielle Union, Lorelai Gilmore, Sarah Harrelson (hi, Sarah!) and Lucille Bluth. Luckily for me, my mom is more like Lorelai Gilmore than Lucille Bluth, therefore giving her a Mother’s Day gift was pretty easy: I burned her mix CD. I would also like to throw in a shout out to all the grandmas out there! A Cultured tote is the perfect gift for my Omi (German for grannie!)—she always has so much in her purse! Ditch the handbag for a tote. - Katie Brown, Art Director

Some small businesses like cafes, bars and bookshops are offering gift certificates to purchase now and redeem when they are able to reopen. It’s a functional way to help keep favorite spots in business and offers something for Mom to look forward to, post-quarantine. - Isabel Flower, Executive Editor

Leorosa's Orang Leo Cardigan.

I've been a fangirl of Leorosa cardigans since they launched last year and finally ordered one for myself and one for my mother for Mother's Day. The red Romy for me and the orange Leo for her. They are the perfect eccentric geriatric-chic for both generations! - Chloe Malle, Contributing Writer

Mother’s Day is always an emotional day for me as I lost my mom 16 years ago, when she was just 58 years old, but I am so grateful to be a mom, as it has taught me so much and continues to do so. I have three teenagers (14, 16 and 19) and all I really want is for them to write me notes (long notes though!) and be with me all day — but they often have different ideas. - Sarah Harrelson, Editor-in-Chief

Wolfgang Tillmans' Flowerhead, (2001).

Sweet and simple moments together, sounds like a hallmark card, doesn’t it? But, under these current circumstances, a hand-written note and fresh flowers delivered directly to her door—and maybe even a nice bottle of scotch! - Lori Warriner, Associate Publisher

This year, in light of the current circumstances, the best Mother’s Day gift I could ask for is the continued good health of my kids and my grandkids, who bring so much joy to our family and beyond. Oh, and I would love a two-hour massage and a great haircut and facial…..sans mask and anti-viral gloves! - Gail Feldman, Publisher

I'd love the new print by Gina Beavers with Art for Change that supports New York's City Harvest, a non-profit that helps New Yorkers in need of food, especially now during COVID-19. It's this amazing, rainbow soft serve ice cream cone print of Gina's painting The Life I Deserve (Ice Cream), which she made for FLAG Art Foundation's exhibition "Summer School," in 2016. Thinking about that show and New York back on its feet would make me really happy every day. - Jacoba Urist, Contributing Writer

My mother is a beautiful sybarite but the truth is she’d always rather me pay it forward. I’m going to be donating in her name to Marz's Live Birth series, which raises money and attention for vulnerable mothers. - Kat Herriman, Features Editor