Young Curators 2019

Long before exhibition openings, biennial announcements and celebratory dinners, a group of people visit studios, conduct research, talk with artists and scholars and figure out ways to present art for audiences both specific and broad. Their vision and labor shapes the shows we see; their collaborations with artists help present new ways to think. Working in the art world tends to require some polymathic magic: an ability to move through a multitude of contexts and settings, simultaneously promoting it all. The etymology of the word “curator,” though, is far more focused. In medieval europe, the curatus was a priest devoted to the care of souls. Today, curators are required to care, too—for the artists, for the public, for the stories they’re communicating. For Cultured’s fourth annual selection of Young Curators, we present seven visionaries destabilizing the traditional models and creating space for new names to flourish within the establishment. We believe these curators are galvanizing social change—a kind of care for the soul of the world.