In the Midst of a World Tour, Paloma Wool Touches Down in New York With a Suite of Effortless Essentials

All images courtesy of Paloma Wool.

When the Paloma Wool world tour landed in New York last week, East Coast It-girls held their breath.

Paloma Lanna, who founded the cult brand exactly a decade ago in Barcelona, and remains its creative director, designs her effortless pieces with intuitive zest, pulling inspiration from her own closet of vintage wares and penchant for cozy layering. “I always design thinking of what I would like to wear,” Lanna explains, “and I always want to feel comfortable.” Her signature layers, as well as sleek cuts, bold red lettering, and balloon shapes litter Paloma Wool's most recent collection, which has been already spotted on the likes of Rosalía, Lily-Rose Depp, and Devon Lee Carlson. CULTURED caught up with the designer right before the launch of the New York pop-up, which will be open through June 30. Below, Lanna shares the Japanese origins of her personal style, her current rotation of inspirations, and favorite affordable footwear. 

Paloma Wool Los Angeles Pop-Up

CULTURED: Who taught you how to dress?

Paloma Lanna: My mom. 

CULTURED: What was your personal style as a child, and did you have a favorite piece growing up? 

Lanna: I used to wear special pieces my parents bought in Japan because they had to travel there very often. I always had very experimental clothes in my wardrobe as a child that my classmates wouldn't understand. I really liked to experiment and have fun.

CULTURED: Do you have a favorite Japanese designer?

Lanna: I suppose Yohji Yamamoto

CULTURED: What does your closet look like now?

Lanna: Very messy. I have mainly Paloma Wool pieces and vintage garments.


CULTURED: How do you get dressed in the morning?

Lanna: A bit sleepily. I like to combine pieces and mix colors and shapes. As I said before, I like to wear dresses and skirts on top of pants and do a lot of layering.

CULTURED: What has been a lifelong fashion obsession of yours?

Lanna: Comfortable trousers.

CULTURED: What’s the most underrated item of clothing and the most overrated? 

Lanna: Underrated: flip flops. I love Havaianas. The most overrated: gala dresses.

CULTURED: What would someone have to wear on the first date for you to walk out?

Lanna: Maybe a horrible print. 

CULTURED: Could you fall in love with someone whose style doesn't align with yours?

Lanna: Yes, I think I could, but it would be hard.

CULTURED: What's your casting process like for your shows and campaigns? How would you describe a muse for your brand?

Lanna: It’s love at first sight. I just know who feels like a Paloma Wool girl.


CULTURED: What feelings do you seek to evoke when someone wears your garments?

Lanna: I want them to feel like themselves: comfortable and beautiful. 

CULTURED: If you could dress anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Lanna: Marilyn Monroe and Lady Di. 

CULTURED: Are there any other forms of artistic expression besides fashion that have impacted your approach to design?

Lanna: Photography.

CULTURED: Do you have a favorite photographer?

Lanna: My best friend, Carlota Guerrero.

CULTURED: What is the standout piece that defines your most recent collection?

Lanna: For summer, the balloon shaped dresses and skirts. There’s also a leather top with straps, and it’s both a bag and a top. You can play around with the zips and wear it in different ways. That's something I love doing: creating very playful pieces that you can wear in different ways.