Art Bespoke

Artist Elizabeth Schwaiger Wants You to Question How You Perceive Reality

Photography by Martyna Szczesna. All images courtesy of the artist and Nicola Vassell Gallery.

It’s no secret that an artist’s studio is more than just a place. They’re more akin to another limb, or a physical extension of one’s brain. Brooklyn-based artist Elizabeth Schwaiger, whose painted interiors have often dissected what our spaces say about ourselves, has cultivated an intimate relationship with her studio for decades—she even admits to feeling more at home in it than her own body. The key to their affinity? “Time, untethered passion, hard work, focused attention, responsiveness, openness, letting the boundaries of oneself extend past the skin until your mind occupies a greater space and ‘outside’ connections become as natural and active as a synapse,” she tells CULTURED

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