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Alex Wolff, Karla Welch, Tommy Dorfman, Angela Trimbur, and More Select the Best Gifts For the Hedonist in Your Life

There are two types of people in this world: those who know how to take care of themselves and those who don’t. As it happens, both could use a little dose of luxury this holiday season. Whether you are looking to help a new mother take time for herself or want to impress the friend who has tried every face cream under the sun, the pleasures outlined here range from the simple to the guilty to the lavish. For the second installment of CULTURED’s 2023 gift guide, here are the beauty, wellness, and fashion finds our community is coveting right now. 

Image courtesy of Backwater Reptiles, Inc.

Alex Wolff
The musician and actorknown for roles in Hereditary, Old, Oppenheimer, and morehas an out-of-the-box idea for this season's gift giving. 

"Get someone a 20-foot alligator. It will be an original, but it will also be really hard to know where to put it."

Image courtesy of Club Curran

Tommy Dorfman

The actorwho rose to fame with her breakout role in the Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why—is also one of the fashion world's undisputed darlings. Recently, Dorfman founded Club Curran – a lifestyle platform that champions queer and trans artists and makers. This month, the platform debuted its holiday offering, which features a selection of queer and trans-owned brands, with categories ranging from clothing, accessories, and home goods.

"Collina Strada is at the forefront of innovative sustainable fashion and this vegan sylk they use in manufacturing bows (like this one) is no exception. I love the lush green hue as it feels festive without being tied to any particular holiday. This color way is also exclusive to Curran so it’s a special limited edition piece for someone who loves to accessorize. I personally tie them to bags for some extra flair."

Image courtesy of the Harlem Candle Company/Instagram.

Karla Welch
The celebrity stylist's roster of talent includes eclectic dressers Olivia Wilde, Hailey Bieber, and Tracee Ellis Ross, but her preferred holiday gift is tastefully simple.

"I love a candle from the Harlem Candle Company."

Image courtesy of Ezpzees.

Angela Trimbur
The choreographer, writer, and actor known for roles in Search Party, The Good Place, The Final Girls, and more prefers a custom touch to her presents. 

"I am all about something that feels nostalgic... and that will make someone laugh. I found this Etsy shop where you can order a custom, bootleg, throwback mall kiosk/boardwalk looking t-shirt with five images on it. Could be them, or their pet, or a thing they love: 'HORSES,' 'LIZA' (as in Minnelli), etc. It will certainly be a memorable keepsake. I suggest an oversized vibe."

Image courtesy of Maude.

Zoe Lister-Jones
The actor—known for roles in Beau is Afraid, New Girl, A Good Person, and more—has a sensual take on the lasting flames of Hanukkah. 

"Listen, no one loves a massage more than this guy. Then you add hot wax and good lighting all in one little jar? It’s a Hanukkah miracle."

Image courtesy of Celine.

Sophie Lee
CULTURED's Editorial Assistant is thinking ahead to the aromatic trends of 2024.

"The new year is always a chance for a rebrand, and in 2024 I am finally committing to a signature scent: Celine's Céleste fragrance. Applying the eau de cologne is a luxurious morning ritual that lingers through the day and night. If you really want to impress your giftee, pair the bottle with the matching hair and body oil or bath milk."

Image courtesy of Clearlight.

Jason Stewart
An interior investment piece is the ideal gift for this DJ and podcast co-host of How Long Gone.

"Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna. Having your very own infrared sauna inside your house is an extravagance. Still, if you and your partner get it for each other for Christmas, Birthday, and Easter and live off of beans and rice for six months, it can help eliminate toxins from your hardworking body.

This one has Bluetooth speakers and a place for your iPad to listen to healing frequencies while you read a book under the 12 different colors of healing light or simply catch up on The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip. Pro tip: don’t bring a metal water bottle inside; it gets too hot to touch! Best to stick with plastic."

Image courtesy of Fendi.

Rebecca Aaron
CULTURED's Senior Creative Producer is taking this statement handbag with her to the season's plethora of social gatherings. 

"The Peekaboo ISeeU Small handbag adds a pop of holiday sparkle that works perfectly with my otherwise neutral wardrobe. I can't wait to wear this bag to holiday party that I will, admittedly, be leaving at 10 p.m. sharp."

Image courtesy of Lanserhof/Instagram.

Chris Black
The consultant, writer, and podcast co-host of How Long Gone with Jason Stewart is angling for a spa retreat voucher in this year's lineup of presents. 

"Lanserhof: Giving the gift of a complete reset is priceless. What says 'Happy Holidays' more than experiencing a patented method of regeneration of the intestines through fasting? The Lanserhof OG location opened in Tyrol, Austria, in 1984 and is beautifully designed and staffed with a litany of experts to help guests relax, recharge, and leave feeling brand new. Stocking stuffers include orthomolecular medicine, advanced hormonal diagnostics, light therapies, and intravenous infusions. It sure beats turkey and reruns!"

Image courtesy of Ricari Studios/Instagram.

Coco Baudelle
The actor, model, and filmmaker is known for campaigns with the likes of Chanel and Glossier, and we now have her secret to staying rejuvenated. 

"A dream gift for me would be a treatment at Ricari Studios, which they now offer in gorgeous hotels and retreats around the world. I’ve had a few in the past and they are heavenly! All you have to do is get into this thin, milky white bodysuit and let yourself be pampered and transformed. After a treatment, you feel light and smooth, kind of like stepping on those moving walkways at airports!"

Image courtesy of the Greenwich Hotel/Instagram.

Brynn Wallner
The writer, consultant, and founder of watch blog has a gift so good you really just give it yourself.

"This may sound cliché, but I recommend gifting yourself or your beloved a day pass at a luxurious spasomewhere with a sauna is a MUST. Better yet: book a 'staycation' (hate that term) at a fancy hotel with fancy robes (there are en-suite saunas in some of the studios at the Greenwich Hotel!!!) and plunge into the downy bed after your rejuvenating shvitz. If it's a splurge you can't really afford, lean into it without guilt and indulge in the hazy, blissful feeling for 24 hours because YOU DESERVE IT."

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