Dianna Agron and Rachel Sennott's Friendship Endured Onscreen Acrimony and Bushwick Stand-Up Shows

Dianna Agron and Rachel Sennott first crossed paths on set for Emma Seligman's 2020 hit Shiva Baby. Sennott played the titular sugar baby, and Agron was cast as the sugar daddy's oblivious wife. Despite the onscreen acrimony, the pair were able to foster a harmonious friendship. In the years since, Agron has taken roles in a suite of projects, including sci-fi drama Acidman, medical thriller Clock, and fantasy series El Elegido, which debuts today on Netflix. Sennott has starred in off-kilter comedies such as Bodies Bodies Bodies and Bottoms, out next week, which she co-wrote with Seligman. Years ago, when the troupe of women were working on Shiva Baby, they would get on FaceTime and imagine working on projects like these. Now that they have, Sennott and Agron get on one more call (prior to the SAG strike!) to take stock of the ground they’ve covered.

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