Writer Sophia Giovannitti Is Into Revenge-Based Feminism

Portrait of Sophia Giovannitti by Toni Esposito. All images courtesy of the author and Verso.

In her 20s, the artist and writer Sophia Giovannitti began doing sex work, a job which proved to be “the best way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time.” The experience inspired her book, Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex, out this week from Verso. In it, she considers the similarities between art and sex, both of which are esteemed as sacred but heavily commodified “on the outskirts of the formal economy.” Incorporating eclectic references, from the French theory collective Tiqqun to the transgender artist Tourmaline, Working Girl is a pointillistic contemplation of labor and the varied ways we choose to contextualize and deny it. It’s also a declaration of Giovannitti’s confidence “to discern for myself what is meaningful and what is bullshit” in a capitalistic landscape that shapes the most intimate parts of our lives.  

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