Alex Israel and Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance Smells Like LA Wellness

All photography by Zack Whitford/BFA.

Leave it to Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, and Los Angeles-born artist Alex Israel to concoct a fragrance that some might find more reminiscent of green juice than perfume. Celebrating their fifth collaborative, LA-inspired fragrance, Cavallier-Belletrud and Israel launched Pacific Chill at a daylong event in Malibu on May 17.

The morning began with an ethereal sound bath overlooking the mist-covered Pacific Ocean and ended with a compelling presentation of the fragrance by its creators. Throughout the day, in between sips of fine champagne, guests participated in guided wellness-related activities, ranging from yoga breathwork to private reiki sessions. 


Pacific Chill was inspired by a detox juice at the Beverly Hills Hotel. As Cavallier-Belletrud and Israel shared breakfast there one morning, they were captivated by the poignant and fresh character of the elixir. Their new fragrance, which features carrot seeds, sour blackcurrant, and fresh aromatic herbs, exudes a similarly crisp, detoxifying sensation with each spray. 


To accompany the launch, Israel created an original painting of the Los Angeles landscape. Featured on the fragrance’s packaging, along with its accompanying fragrance trunk and travel case, the composition depicts an idealized view from Paseo Miramar, the artist’s favorite Los Angeles hiking destination. The tranquil colors of the Santa Monica Mountains and glistening seascape mimic the vibrant blue and green colorway of the fragrance’s bottle. This landscape, which embodies Israel’s personal ideals of wellness, effortlessly complements Cavallier-Belletrud’s crisp fragrance, creating a product that captures the “chill” character of the City of Angels.