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Einat Admony Cooks up a Comedy Career

Einat Admony

Many might know Einat Admony as the “Queen of Falafel,” but the “ultimate balaboosta” (Yiddish for “perfect housewife”) is her title of choice—at least when she’s in the kitchen. Born in Bnei Brak, an Isreali city just east of Tel Aviv on the central Mediterranean coastal plain, Admony grew up cooking spicy Persian dishes under the direction of her mother, an Iranian immigrant, and enjoying a traditional Yemini breakfast every shabbat morning as insisted upon by her father. A Moroccan neighbor—in many ways a second mom—taught her how to hand-roll couscous, and by the time Admony had left to serve in the Israel Defense Forces as a driver and an ad-hoc cook, she had captured all of the seasonings and flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. “I’ve been everywhere,” she muses, rolladexing through her brief enrollment in higher learning, time spent roaming around Germany, taking food-discovery trips across the globe, and finally, her move to New York, where she now lives. “I toured the world in my 20s. Even now with kids, I still travel so much, but never did I think I’d ever go to Albania.”

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